Our turfs

The varied and differentiated Limonta Landscape product range covers all needs and applications. Our mission is to provide the opportunity to create an attractive green space that meets economic and design needs, always with complete safety and health

Deluxe Max

A lively, welcoming and perfect expanse, a real green revolution overwhelms your garden together with the excitement of getting back all the free time you deserve. Everyone looks serene, every house becomes enchanted, and all seasons are prosperous and colourful

Summer Lux

Imagine the hot sun of August shining on the most crystalline summer waters. This enchanting image frames the mix of colors of our select turf along with the smiles and melody of your poolside days, completing a picture perfect dream

Summer Emerald

Expressively developed to convey different feelings and a special touch of color to interior design and outdoor spaces. This turf will create a perfect green area, donating serenity and harmony both to your soul and your beloved house. A precious name for a unique turf with exceptional hue

Tuscany LT

Moonlit reflections on a lake, lit up streets as houses speed by. When the poetry of traveling clashes with an urban reality sometimes too bare to inspire the way, this smart LT could make a difference by redefining with its eternal green tidy public spaces to experience with pleasure

Golf 13

A whirlwind of playful children, roughhousing with the sweet new puppy Dad just brought home, a romantic dinner on a lively and innovative rooftop. Endless serene entertainment on the thick expanse of this original green, to never stop playing and enjoy the moment

Diversified and innovative applications

Limonta Landscape lends itself to multiple uses and, due to its natural appearance and ease of installation, is the best solution to redesign any space with style. Adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness with a single smart choice is only possible with Limonta Landscape

The world of Limonta Landscape

The quality of the artificial synthetic fibers of Limonta Landscape (LL) turfs is based on years of experience producing and developing synthetic turf for sports with the highest performance requirements. LL is indeed a trademark of Limonta Sport, a leading company with over 30 years of industry experience. Continuous technological research and international partnerships lead to the design and use of innovative, cutting-edge, and environmentally safe materials. Respect, nature, beauty and originality are LL's keywords etched in its DNA. Respect for our customers and the environment. LL's synthetic turfs are produced in a plant that uses high-performance photovoltaic panels to maximize efficiency and sustainable energy production. The natural, lush, and original look of the product is guaranteed by a team of professionals whose primary objective is end user satisfaction. Limonta Landscape follows the trends, relentless search for style, and ideas of landscapers together with customer feedback, thus coming up with new 'green' offers along with both public and private color and furnishing ideas.

The advantages of decorative synthetic grass surfaces are varied and range from environmental sustainability concerns to comfort and ease of use.

Zero maintenance

and no need for water

UV stability and colour-retention

atmospheric agent resistant


and safe for children and pets

No heavy metals or other environmentally unfriendly substances,

pesticides or fertilizers


with natural look and feel

Immediate ready to use

Guaranteed perfect drainage

The world of Limonta Landscape professionals offers a complete and personalized service for each project. With its experience and references for all types of application, the LL team can suggest the best idea, product and installation. A 'turnkey' solution where your customized installation layout is always included.

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